CJ 750 M5 or M72 BRAKE SHOES 30mm
CJ750 M5 or M72 30mm brake shoes

Have your Chang Jiang750 brake pads worn out or
need replacing?  Well here they are at a great
Each kit comes as a pair. Cast alloy also available.
Brake shoes spring not included (Part #20).  

Parts # 21-22 of the CJ750 parts manual

CJ750 M5 brake shoes are 30mm in diameter.  
Double check yours aren't the
standard 25mm
variety or oversize 36mm brake shoe variety from
the XJ750.

Item # B602100A   Weight: 780g         USD 18
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XJ750 oversize brake
shoes 36mm
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cj750 xj750 parts brake shoes oversize
cj750 xj750 parts brake shoes oversize comparison 36mm 25mm
XJ750 36mm   VS   CJ750 Standard 25mm
NOS LHS shock absorber
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cj750 rear shock suspension sv
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cj750 m5 wheels brake shoes diameter
cj750 m5 wheels brake shoes line
cj750 m5 wheels brake shoes pair
cj750 m5 wheels brake shoes
cj750 m5 brake shoes 30mm width
Aluminium brake shoes
25mm (pair)
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Chang Jiang 750 CJ750 CJ 750 parts brake shoes
Keeping standards
Brake shoe springs
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cj750 parts brake spring pair package
Natural fit
cj750 m1 m5 comparison brake shoe diameter
M72 CJ750 rear shock
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m72 cj750 rear shock suspension pipe
Inner workings
M72 CJ750 R71 steering
damper washer s/steel
steering damper washer stainless steel 7208316 cj750 m72 k750
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