Sidecar or similar shovel / spade mounting kit

These great quality kits are a quick and easy
install and ensure you can dig yourself out of
anywhere should the need arises.   

Suit a variety of rides including CJ750 K750 M72
as well as early BMW R71 R75 etc not to
mention other military vehicles or where a
shovel or spade is needed close at hand.

Part# A000063S          Weight - 205g         USD23 SET
Ammunition boxes and
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chiangjiang r75 r71 m72 ammo ammunition box CJ750 parts
Old leather navy goggles,
dual lens   
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China navy goggles CJ750 parts
Supersize me
Riders toolkit 4 piece
spanner set
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toolkit tool kit spanner set CJ750 spanners fix CJ750 parts
Thought of ...
Sidecar and bike cover
camo green
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cj750 cj 750 changjiang bike cover chiangjiang chiang jiang CJ750 parts
CJ750 Stainless steel
fastener set
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CJ750 CJ 750 Chang Jiang stainless steel fixings set CJ750 parts
Riders toolkit   
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toolkit tool kit CJ sidecar also suit Ural
Type 59 leather flight
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China flight goggles
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Ignition with old school key
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ignition assembly retro key switch sidecar pro
Chrome headlight bezel
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healight bezel for bmw r71 r75 ural cj750 chrome
CJ750 HQ seat rubber
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CJ750 CJ 750 seat
CJ750 seat frame
bushing sleeve
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cj750 cj 750 seat frame bushing sleeve
Alternate direction
Switch it up
No visors here
Bees knees part
Protecting assets
Protecting assets
Go hammer & tongs
Too cool eyewear
lose the wobble ...
Panniers HQ leather
black or brown
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cj 750 leather pannier black CJ750 parts ural dnepr
Brown cow
Saddlebags HQ leather
black or brown
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leather saddlebag m72 cj750 r71 brown pair
sidecar pro
register at side car pro
spade shovel sidecar mount bracket handle
cj750 m1 m1m m1s shovel mounting brackets kit sidecar
spade shovel miltiray pla kit assembly cj750 chang jiang
spade shovel mounts for sidecar bmwr75 r71 r66 r12
spade shovel m72 ural dnepr k750 mb750 r71
spade shovel cj750 sidecar mounting kit bracket
install mounting brackets for sidecar shovel or spade set ural m-72
spade shovel military sidecar mounts
spade sahovel mounting kit
spade shovel mount for ww2 sidecar
spade shovel mount kit