Goal:  Find a source for the old 40HP water-cooled engines and if possible NOS
similar to the one above in its crate.
Have a great photo?  Ready for international stardom? Maybe a better caption? Send it through and we will post it here for the benefit of all.
They have been off thewir original rides for some, and then some in storage
The same depot also has a few NOS spares for these rare old girls.
They are not motivated spare parts sellers though as they want to use these for the
remaining rebuilds to these last 4 engines.
87 Kilograms.  That's just shy of 200 pounds in the old money.
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Carbs, gearbox included. Obviously.
One or two have been reconditioned already and under "blanket" wraps
Ready to go with 8 extra horses than the standard CJ750 OHV M1S engine
Result:  After many, many hours of searching we have stumbled upon 4 used
engines at an old depot in the NE of China.
recondition restore rebuild cj750 ohv engine chang jiang750
cj750 40hp old school engine ohv
cj750 engine recondition restore 40hp
rare old vintage cj 750 engine chang jiang 40hp
cj750 recondition ohv engine
ohv engine 40hp chang jiang750
water cooled engines cj750 sidecar pro
cj750 40hp engine water cooled
Little dusty, but not the worst for wear.  Same with
me on the former
, not so sure on the latter.
overhead valve cj750 40
Run them through the rebuild program and this is what
pops out the other end.
restored reconditioned ohv engine cj750