CJ750 PZ28 Deni carburetor (pair)

The old favorite, CJ 750 PZ28 carburetors.  They are a copy of the very
original Graetzin carbs on the BMW R71 and then later the K37 for the
Ural M72.  Very easy to service and maintain and repair kits readily and
cheaply available.  Becoming very thin on the ground here in China so
jump in early if you need some assistance in the fuel flow arena.

Good idea to add the
carb gaskets at the same time. Consider copper
floats to Rolls Royce the set-up and add carb hoods or sleeves to finish
the job.

Excellent replacement for the K37, K38, K301 and K302 carburettors.

Item # I510001S        Weight - 1900g (pair)         USD 103
Sweet pair
carb float brass copper carburetor cj750 m72
cj750 parts chang jiang750 carb carburetor pz pz28 sidevalve ohv
cj750 parts changjang 750 carb carburetor pz pz28 flathead ohv
cj750 parts changjiang750 carb carburetor pz pz28 sidevalve ohv
cj750 parts cj 750 carb carburetor pz pz28 sidevalve overhead valve
cj750 parts cj 750 carb carburetor pz pz28 ohv sv
Copper floats (pair)
CJ 750 Ural Dnepr
Chang Jiang 750 CJ750 CJ 750 parts copper floats Ural Dnepr
Health hazard!!
Carburetor hoods (pair)
Keep those PZ's protected
carb hood carburetor hood sleeve cj750 parts
cj750 parts changjiang750 carburetor pz28
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M72 CJ750 air filter     
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cj750 m72 m1 m1m m1s m72 air filter 6v
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CJ750 +0.50 SV piston
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PZ28 carburetor repair kit
with brass float
cj750 cj 750 carb repair kit copper float
Unbeatable price
PZ28 carburetor repair kit
with plastic float
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CJ750 cj 750 carb PZ28 repair kit
Plastic float
pz28 deni
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Mini air filter M-72 CJ750
stainless steel    
air filter cleaner mini m1 m1m m1s cj750
carburettor carb carbie carburetor deni pz28 pz
pz28 line drawing carburetor carb carbie carburettor