CJ750 speedo or speedometer
Original style chromed speedometer to suit
the Chang Jiang750 and other similar
models including M72.    

Economy shipping starting from USD10.

Think about adding the flexible shaft
speedometer cable at the same time.

Part #9 of the CJ750 Parts manual

Item # D510900C   Weight: 490g   USD 44.50
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cj750 speedo speedometer M72
cj750 speedo speedometer
cj750 speedo speedometer chromed m72 ural
cj750 parts speedo speedometer rear back view
cj750 parts speedo speedometer depth width measure
cj750 parts speedo speedometer face
cj750 parts speedometer chrome
chang jiang750 parts speedometer
cj750 parts speedo package
cj750 speedo side
cj750 parts speedo speedometer
cj750 parts speedometer width
Dual dial mp/h km/h and
km/h speedo   
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chang jiang750 speedo speedometer odometer mph kmh dual dial
Different strokes ...
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cj750 m1 m1m m1s final drive bolts
Totally unrelated
CJ750 M72 R71 brake
light switch    
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cj750 parts brake light switch m72 k750 r71
"switch" me on
CJ750 NOS kickstart pedal
shaft oil seal
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cj750 parts m72 kick start shaft oil seal nos
talking NOnSense ...
C750 piston pins SV M1
hey you .. over here
cj750 sv m1 m1m flattie piston pins m1m
Piston Pin up girl
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CJ750 speedometer or speedo cable m72
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