Generalisation Switch

Chrome not your thing?  Looking to match your paint colour or
possibly you want the option to polish up to a bling finish
down the track.  If you are ticking any of those boxes the alloy
JK719 Combination switch for 25mm handlebars including horn
and headlight controls is for you.  

Suit CJ750 and similar rides.  Consider adding
bar grips not to
mention the
wiring harness to this parts order as well whilst
your there.

Part #50 of the CJ750 parts manual.  Includes the accessories.

Item # E805000P  Weight - 170g  USD17
Playin' it safe
Ignition assembly and old
school retro key switch
ignition assembly retro key switch sidecar pro
What about ...
CJ750 ignition points
12V M1S M1 Super OHV
cj750 ohv 12V ignition points toolbox spare
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cj750 25mm handlebar assembly
cj750 parts combination switch headlight horn chrome back
CJ750 rubber hand or
handlebar grips
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CJ750 CJ 750 Chang Jiang handlebar grips
CJ750 hand grips in
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cj750 parts hand grips brown
Just in case ...
cj750 parts combination switch 12V M1M M1S translation box
cj750 parts combination switch connections
Combination switch wiring
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Don't forget ...
hola hola ...
combination switch cj750 parts wiring harness standard market
CJ750 chrome finish
sidecar tailllights  
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cj750 taillight rear light lamp m1 m1m m1s ohv chrome
Basic kit
M1M M1S Original spec.
DR203 Capacitors
 shoot me
12v condensor capacitor DR203 0.23uF 0.28uF cj750 m1m
DR203 stands for ...
sidecar pro
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combination switch 25mm handlebars alloy grey
combination switch 25mm accessories cj750
combination switch 25mm m1 m1m cj 750
combination generalisation switch 25mm
combination switch 25mm handlebar control horn switch dim headlight
combination switch 25mm m1s cj750
combo horn light switch alloy 25mm cj750 m1 m1m m1s
combination switch horn lights chang jiang750
combination generalisation generalization switch cj750
Combination switch
headlights horn
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cj750 parts combination switch headlight horn chrome chiang jiang
Bling it on ...
Evade overhead aircraft
and those pesky search
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Go incognito ...
spotlight foglight search light old vintage army china