BLACK BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH - CJ750 M1 M1M M72 K750 R51 R61 R71 R75 XF250
Old school brake light switch for your
vintage ride

Great part for your immediate needs or even
as a toolbox spare.  Will suit the early CJ750,
Dneprs, Ural, BMW Jawa etc and others.

Super light in weight.  Add to your current
order and in most cases would ship for free.

Sometimes referred to as a brake light cock.

Item # B803800B       Weight: 50g             USD 10
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Your braking up ...
cj750 handlebar assembly with brake light switch
Aluminium brake shoes
25mm (pair)
Chang Jiang 750 CJ750 CJ 750 parts brake shoes
new reproduction click image
Chang Jiang 750 brake light switch repro m1m cj750
NOS 6V generator
it's a handful
cj750 m72 generator shaft rotor
Hand grenade?
CJ750 M72 NOS dual
cable throttles
click image
cj750 m72 throttle accelerator handle 7211109
Rev 'em up
NOS taillight lens 32mm  
M72 K750 R71
 hard to find
r71 r12 r75 m72 cj750 m1 taillight lens ural bmw m1
Hen's teeth
201 reasons to celebrate if
you ride a 6V  
click photo
DR201 0.25-0.3uF
6v dr201 capacitor condensor cj750 m1 0.25uF 0.3uF side valve
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m1m cj jawa brake light switch
brake light switch cj750 m1
brake light switch ural m72 m-72 k750
brake light switch nos xingfu 250
brake light switch cj750 m1 m1m m1s nos old vintage
brake light switch 6v flathead sv m1 cj750 r66
brake light switch chang jiang750 m1m
brake light switch vintage bmw r71 r75
brake light switch jawa 250 353
brake light switch ural dnepr cj750
brake light switch r71
CJ750 M72 NOS brake
light switch  
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cj750 parts brake light switch m72 k750 r71
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