CJ750 foot peg rubber (pair)

Quick and easy replacement, these standard
foot peg rubbers suit Chang Jiang750 rides
as well as Ural, Dnepr and early BMW's.

Only need one?  Let us know and we will be
happy to help.

Part #15 of the CJ750 parts manual

Weight: 300g

Item # F701500B             USD 8.50
Feeling grippy?
cj750 foot peg rubber
ural cj 750 parts dnepr foot peg rubber
ural cj750 parts dnepr foot peg rubber r71 r75 chang jiang750
cj750 parts foot rubber
ural cj750 parts dnepr foot peg rubber bmw
ural cj750 parts dnepr foot peg rubber
CJ750 rubber hand or
handlebar grips
CJ750 CJ 750 Chang Jiang handlebar grips
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